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Ever since their existance The Finneys have had their own studio. The picture on the right is one of our  in-home studios. It is in our studio that we compose the tracks for our songs. Our latest CD entitled The Precious Name of Jesus was recorded, miced, and mastered from start to finish in our home studio.

Occasionally we help other singer/song writers with their ideas, and take on a few recording projects as time allows.Contact us if you would like to discuss your next project!

If you would like to know more about our studio, or just "talk shop", just call John at 804-754-6350, or send him an Email Us and he will respond.

The FINNEYS also have a boatload of live soundreinforcement equipment. John enjoys mixing live sound for all day Gospel music events, church specials, etc.








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                 Equipment List:

  • Sound Forge mastering software
  • Lexicon Omega HD Recording interface
  • Mackie 24-4 Four buss mixer
  • Beringer Truth studio monitors
  • Zoom HD-16 Sixteen track portable HD recorder
  • Audio Technica 4050 large diaphram condenser mike
  • Various dynamic and small condenser mikes
  • Art Tube MP tube mic preamp
  • Alesis micro compressor
  • Alesis Quadraverb reverb unit
  • BBE 442 Sonic Maximer
  • Alesis Sr-16 Drum Machine
  • Various guitars, basses, dobro, harmonicas
  • Much more!